That’s Not All – Career Options, A Little Different

Nurturing Talent is my passion and in this regards, I connect with many youngsters and counsel them on the best career options. Career options which are aligned to your passion and strengths. I start these sessions with an ‘Aspiration Questionnaire’ followed by a Self Reflection on Strengths and Passion. Unfortunately, in more than 60% cases, Aspiration, Passion and Strengths do not connect with each other. 

On asking the participants individually as to why they have selected the mentioned career option which is not a derivative of the three key elements, the sole reason seems to be social norms.

That’s when I thought that it’s extremely important to highlight few offbeat career options that can be taken up by individuals. Something which is not medical or engineering or mass communication.

So here goes a list of 5 such career options :

  1. You love writing? Then, why not start with your blog? Blogging forms an integral part of digital marketing and many organizations are in constant search for a full time blogger.


You can make your career as a technology blogger, social blogger, travel blogger, beauty blogger, political blogger and many more. Remember, gone are those days when your passion of writing was a secondary career option. You can definitely take it as a first career option and make money.

2. You love shopping and visiting restaurants? Well, this is also a career option these days wherein you are paid for shopping or eating in restaurants. Yes, you read it right!

Mystery Shopper

The business landscape today is an epitome of competition. At this juncture, organizations deploy varied tools and methods to understand competition, market research, seek customer feedback etc. Mystery shopper is one such tool, though its not a tool literally for an organization wherein an individual experiences the market and cascades first hand information to the company. For e.g., If you are a mystery shopper for a restaurant then you visit other competing restaurants, order your favourite food, experience the whole ambience and then provide a detail report to your parent company on the same and the best part being you get paid for it.

Doesn’t it sound exciting?

3. You love baking and you are a creative person? What can be more delightful than being a part in people’s celebrations?


Bring life to the celebrations through your creative cakes and pastries. Do you need a huge investment for setting up a bakery? NO! All you need is a Facebook Page and few pictures demonstrating and speaking about your creativity. Desserts are the essence of every celebration and quality creative desserts are the need. So why wait? Go for it and download all your creative passion on a tray.

4. You like exercising, dancing or yoga? Don’t just do it for yourself. You can impact other people’s lives through this.


Take Yoga and Zumba as a profession and excel your skills in the same. Trust me, you can mint money through this. What’s better than maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the same being an earning medium?

5. You love cooking and fancy trying new recipes? Who say’s that you can make new recipes for your family members and earn appreciations?


Record your cooking spree and upload in YouTube. Integrate all innovation and creativity on the same, maybe, explain the dish through a song, poetry and such things that would grab your audience.

This is just a short list of 5 such career options. I am sure if you think through, you can make a long list and break the stereotype.

So go for it folks! There is a whole plethora of opportunities. We just need to identify and grab the opportunity.

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The ZMC blog encapsulates the recent trends in People and Culture across organizations/sectors and spreads awareness across the HR Community, leading to the formation of a superlative People Strategy. We would share our experiences through this channel as well as share insights on key topics prevailing in the industry. We aspire to share knowledge and leverage best practices through this blog.

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