She Is Empowered (#Women Empowerment #Diversity & Inclusion)

Women empowerment

March 08th was International Women’s Day and social media was flooded with messages celebrating womanhood. Many articles spoke about rights of a woman, few highlighted on empowerment whereas few others spoke about how she should tackle when she is a victim of a bias system.

I hold a slightly different opinion here.

I believe we as women we are responsible for what we face. Yes! you heard me right!

I will tell you why?

  1. Acceptance : 


      (a) We accept the fact that we need to be an epitome of tolerance

      (b) We accept that the only way to solve an issue or maintain harmony is to Be Quiet

    2. Believe :


      (a) We believe that we have to be superwoman doing everything on a personal front as well as professional even if it’s at the cost of our health or wish

      (b) We believe in keeping everybody happy around us forgetting that it is rather impossible to keep everybody happy. Human beings, being the most insatiable creation of God

    3. Hesitate :


(a) We hesitate to ask be it professionally or personally

(b) We hesitate to put our foot down and say strongly that something is wrong

(c) We hesitate to voice out our opinion in general

 Empowerment will come to every women the day we rule the above three factors.

 Kudos to the women who have already won the aforesaid points.




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