Is Attrition A Bane?


As an HR professional, attrition rate has been one of the major performance indicators and lower attrition rate, a major goal. However, I look at it a bit differently.

Is Attrition A Bane?

My answer is,”No”.

Today’s business scenario is extremely dynamic and at this juncture, Change is a mandate. An organisation can sustain only when it changes as per business needs and the team embraces the change in a timely manner. The challenge here is universal – Change is not an easy deal. Human beings are known to be the most adaptable creature however ironically, we all hate change. So, what’s the solution for this?

Do we still retain the team members who may not fit the change?

If we have a bunch of team members who do not align to the change due to business needs, shall we still consider a lower attrition rate?

I don’t think so.

In the current environment of cut throat competitions at every stage, the two philosophies that work are, ” Take it or leave it” and “Survival of the fittest”. As a founder, it is of paramount importance to be able to take strong decisions in favour of business. I know this sounds very much unlike an HR and many of my HR partners would find it extremely unempathetic but I believe that’s what a Business Partner role is, to think in alignment to business and act as per the need of the hour.

I have seen start up founders struggle to change the culture of the organization towards their vision just because of legacy issues and not being able to take a strong stance. At this juncture, what works is – If you need the change, you have to push the change. In that course of action, there might be attrition but of course for the betterment of your organization. The churn in the team would bring new fresh thoughts and the new team can be moulded in the new cultural aspects. Hence in this case, attrition is not really bad. At times it is a boon which helps in thriving and sustainability of the business.

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