Being In A Continuous Juggling Mode

The last month and a half has not been easy for anyone, specially for working parents. I am an enterpreneur with a 1.5 year old toddler at home and I totally understand, how difficult it is to manage business expectations, household chores and of course a super energetic kid.

As I had a regular catch up with my ex-colleagues and friends this weekend, I was quite surprised to see how few organizations are being extremely insensitive to this whole fact. Most of the organizations speak about work life balance, diversity and inclusion, specific support for working mothers etc, but very few actually live upto it. This is a situation of Global Emergency and people do not have choice. At this juncture, the last thing one can take is fear of losing job. So I believe being an enterpreneur it is my responsibility to ensure my employees remain strong at this situation of crisis. ‘Strong’ , not only in terms of financial health but also emotionally and mentally.

Few things which I think can be implemented by companies ensuring deliverables and simultaneously supporting work life balance are :

  1. Crafting weekly plans and communicate the same to the team members. Let the team members decide how they want to utilise their day with the ultimate objective being that at the week, the planned tasks needs to be completed
  2. Not being time stringent with respect to working hours at this stage. Let us be practical that an employee would not be able to spend dedicated 8 to 9 hours continuously as he/she would have done in any normal office days being in office
  3. Plan meetings better with specific agenda and output. This would not only ensure deliverables are met but would also be efficient
  4. Do away with meetings which can be done away with
  5. Recognize as and when required
  6. Trust your employees and team members. One need not have Video Call for everything to ensure team members are working. Believe in empowering and sharing responsibilities
  7. Engaging employees is good but its good to be considerate as people might also need personal space. Most of the time, we forget working hours when someone is working from home. A Friday Evening Catch Up after office may be good when situation is normal but doing it as a ritual in this situation may not make sense

It’s all about Planning Better & Sensitively.

Please share the best practices implemented by your company in this situation.



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