Working Remotely


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Working Remotely is the new normal and it is nothing new that we are expected to do. Most of us have worked remotely at some point or the other and we had done it efficiently. Rather than focussing on challenges of working remotely, which are very minimal, let us look at the benefit, both from an employer as well as employee perspective.

What Are The Benefits Of Working Remotely For Employees?

  1. Employees can save a lot of travel time which they can use productively to complete a task
  2. One can save money. Imagine, where you used to spend a minimum of Rs. 500 everyday on travel, you can now save the entire chunk of it as you would be working from home
  3. Can maintain an absolute balance of personal and professional life
  4. Opportunities would increase as there would not be a location constraint for a specific job
  5.  You get an opportunity to explore and use various tools and technology for collaborative work

What Are The Benefits Of Employees Working Remotely For Employers?

  1. Employers would have a huge saving in terms of operational cost of running an office space
  2. Statistics have revealed that an employee working from the comfort of home tend to be more productive and contribute for longer hours
  3. Employers get a diverse talent pool for a specific job. One need not focus on a specific location only for hiring
  4. You get a motivated workforce who has a perfect work life balance and would advocate the organization culture
  5. Corporate politics would reduce to a great extent as tools and technology would capture work and overall productivity. This would result to an engaged workforce
  6. You maintain a healthy team of people and you live upto your values of “People First”


Myth Busters :

  1. Myth 1 : Employees would not work if they work remotely The primary need of working remotely is not just tools and technology but TRUST. Leadership team need to trust the employees and vice versa. It’s not the place of work that determines productivity. If you have a workforce who is self disciplined then there is no need to worry on productivity. A workforce who is not self disciplined will not be productive even if they work for 14 hours a day from an office location
  2. Myth 2 : Productivity and Performance cannot be tracked in a remote working environment – Today’s work environment is incomplete without tools and technology. This is the time when you deploy tools and track performance quantitatively. Gone are the days of subjective performance evaluation
  3. Myth 3 : I can do my household during office hours when I am working from home – Remember, it’s working from home and not working for home. During office hours an employee is expected to work. No employees should take it as an advantage of leading a weekend life on a weekday. It’s of paramount importance to stick by your usual routine and work as a professional


Way To Success :

  1. Trust
  2. Deploy tools and technology
  3. Have a team member who would just focus on tracking metrics and productivity of the team. For e.g., Scrum Master
  4. HR team to change focus from engaging a team at office to creating a virtually engaged workforce



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