Being In A Continuous Juggling Mode

The last month and a half has not been easy for anyone, specially for working parents. I am an enterpreneur with a 1.5 year old toddler at home and I totally understand, how difficult it is to manage business expectations, household chores and of course a super energetic kid. As I had a regular catchContinue reading “Being In A Continuous Juggling Mode”

Would Covid19 Create Havoc In Employment?

Since the outbreak of Covid 19, we have been hearing about how this would result in layoffs, job reduction, recession which would be worse than the earlier ones and so and so forth. Well, let us think through it differently and logically. The survival of any business depends on the below key parameters : FinancialContinue reading “Would Covid19 Create Havoc In Employment?”

How Companies Can Deal With This Crisis?

The Covid-19 outbreak is not only a pandemic but the situation has slowed down the whole global economy to a level which has not happened in the last 20 years. We are yet to come out of the pandemic crisis and things would be difficult post that as well. At this juncture, enterpreneurs of startupsContinue reading “How Companies Can Deal With This Crisis?”

Creating A Productive Workforce

“Creating A Productive Workforce”, an essence for every organization. Few key questions in this aspect are as below : How do we define a productive workforce? How do we create a productive workforce? Does creating a productive workforce a simple process involving few reports and MIS or it requires an overall culture change? How toContinue reading “Creating A Productive Workforce”

Is Attrition A Bane?

As an HR professional, attrition rate has been one of the major performance indicators and lower attrition rate, a major goal. However, I look at it a bit differently. Is Attrition A Bane? My answer is,”No”. Today’s business scenario is extremely dynamic and at this juncture, Change is a mandate. An organisation can sustain onlyContinue reading “Is Attrition A Bane?”

She Is Empowered (#Women Empowerment #Diversity & Inclusion)

March 08th was International Women’s Day and social media was flooded with messages celebrating womanhood. Many articles spoke about rights of a woman, few highlighted on empowerment whereas few others spoke about how she should tackle when she is a victim of a bias system. I hold a slightly different opinion here. I believe weContinue reading “She Is Empowered (#Women Empowerment #Diversity & Inclusion)”

What Do Investors Want? – The Talent Perspective

What Do Investors Want? A question which every start up organization asks. However, the questions asked are always in terms of funding, returns, break even etc. As less as only 20% founders talk about the investors’ want from a talent perspective. Few myths that persists in the industry are : Investors look for only pedigreeContinue reading “What Do Investors Want? – The Talent Perspective”

That’s Not All – Career Options, A Little Different

Nurturing Talent is my passion and in this regards, I connect with many youngsters and counsel them on the best career options. Career options which are aligned to your passion and strengths. I start these sessions with an ‘Aspiration Questionnaire’ followed by a Self Reflection on Strengths and Passion. Unfortunately, in more than 60% cases,Continue reading “That’s Not All – Career Options, A Little Different”